Mountain Passes in Naltar Valley

Naltar Valley is a beautiful valley located in the Gilgit district and can be accessed from the Karakoram Highway or N-35 when you are traveling from Gilgit to Hunza. Nulter valley is geographically situated between Sherqilla & bargo villages on one side, Ishkomen Valley on the north side & Chhalt Valley on the right or north-eastern side.

There are a number of named & un named high altitude passes in the nelter valley connecting it with the neighboring valleys of the Gilgit Baltistan. Here is an overview of each of these valleys & passes.

When you are traveling on the Gilgit – Chitral road, you would witness the beautiful villages on Sherqilla & Bargo on the main road. These villages lies to the south – west of the Naltar Valley. And are connected with the Nalter Valley via mountain passes. These mountain passes are only accessible during the summers.

Ishkoman Valley, Ghizer

Ishkomen or Ishkoman valley is a beautiful valley located in the Ghizer district of Gilgit Baltistan region. The Ishkomen valley can be accessed through the Gahkuch in Ghizer. Gahkuch is a big town on the Gilgit – Chitral road. Ishkoman Valley starts from Gahkuch bridge and extends till the Karombar Lake in the extreme north. Karambar or Karombar Lake is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. Chatorkhand is the main town in the Ishkoman Valley and is famous of the scenic drive as well as for the local artists. There are two passes from Ishkoman Valley connecting Naltar Valley, Hayul Pass & Pakora Pass. Pakora Pass is also known as the Naltar Pass.

Chhalt Valley, Nagar

Chhalt Valley is beautiful valley in Nagar district. It can be accessed from the Chhalt Village on the Karakoram Highway or N-35 when traveling between Hunza & Gilgit. Chhalt Valley has two sub-valleys Gappa & Dainter. Dainter valley connects with the Naltar Valley via 4500m Dainter Pass.

Pakora Pass (Naltar Pass)

Pakora Pass or Naltar Pass is the most famous high altitude passes in the Nelter Valley. The altitude of the pass is around 4600m ASL. The pass connects Naltar Valley with the Pakora Village in Ishkomen Valley. If you are planning to attempt the pass from Naltar valley, you can arrive at Mehmaan Resort and we would arrange local guides & porters for you as well as we can organize your complete expedition. The next morning you can either hike till the Naltar Lakes or can book a jeep from our hotel. From the Naltar Lake, you can start the trek towards Pakora Pass. The trek is easy to moderate and isn’t technical. Thus anyone can attempt the pass easily with the help of professional guides. It would take around 4-6 days to arrive back at Gilgit from our hotel.

Hayol Pass

Hayol Pass or Hayul Pass is a pass connecting Chatorkhand village with the Naltar Valley. After crossing the Pakora Pass, you can either go towards the Pakora village or towards the Chatorkhand village via the Hayol Pass. The Hayol Pass is also a moderate pass and doesn’t require any technical trek. You can attempt both passes in a single go from Naltar Valley.

Dayenter Pass

Dainter or Dayentar Pass is a 4500m mountain pass connecting Naltar & Chhalt Valleys. The initial route towards Dayenter pass & Pakora pass is same. You arrive at Lower Shani area of the Naltar valley and take a right in the mountain above you. There is the Dainter pass. The pass is considered a bit difficult due to narrow path on the Dainter Glacier. We can also organize your expedition for the Dainter Pass or we can arrange porters & guides for the trek.

There are numerous other passes in the Naltar Valley connecting with Sherqila, Bargo as well as Chhalt. We know some locals from Naltar Valley, who had done all these passes and can assist your expedition. Feel free to write to us at or send us a message on whatsapp +923154132296

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