Naltar Valley: Heaven on Earth

Naltar, Nalter or Nulter is a valley located within Gilgit district in Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. The valley is accessible via a jeep track from Nomal on Karakoram Highway or N-35. Nomal is located on your left when traveling towards Hunza from Gilgit. Nomal is located at distance of 31 KM from Gilgit and 80 KM from Hunza.

Satrangi Lake
Credits: John O’brien

Naltar Valley has two parts Naltar Paeen (Lower Naltar) & Naltar Bala (Upper Naltar). Upper Naltar or Naltar Bala is the real retreat. Naltar Bala is accessed via a jeep track from Nomal and is at a distance of further 19 KM from Nomal. It would take around 1 H 30 M from Nomal to reach Upper Naltar.

Naltar Valley is famous for Alpine Ski Slopes, Lush Green Meadows, High altitude glaciers, bright colorful lakes & sky high peaks. The valley offers incredible treks, amazing day walks as well as unique Flora & Fauna. The average altitude of the valley is around 3500 meters.

Blue Lake
Credits: Muhammad Shuaib

Naltar Wildlife Sanctuary is also located in the valley. It is established on an area of over 27,000 hectors and connects Sher Qilla Game Reserve & Pakora Game Reserve as adjoining protected areas. The sanctuary is home to Astore Markhor, Alpine Ibex, Snow Leopard, Brown Bear, Grey Wolf, Red Fox, Beech Marten & Leopard Cat. Around 40 different species of birds also in the sanctuary. The sanctuary starts from last settlement of Naltar Bala aka Bishgiri and ends at Shani Glacier.

Shah Khan Ski Resort is an alpine ski resort developed by Pakistan Ski Federation and is located in the main Naltar Bala. The resort offers Ski Slopes, Chair Lift & Accommodation facilities at Pakistan Air Force Officers Mess. The Ski Slopes here are the highest & largests Ski Slopes in Pakistan.

A snow leopard is also kept at a sanctuary in the valley. The Snow Leopard Sanctuary has got two parts, in winter the Snow Leopard is kept at Naltar Bala near Shah Khan Ski Resort and behind PWD rest house. While in summers, it is shifted to the last settlement, Bishgiri, of the valley.

Snow Leopard kept at Naltar Valley.
Credits: Mohammad Osama

There are some of the most amazing treks in the valley. Most famous of these is the Pakora Pass, which connects Naltar Valley with Pakora village in Ghizer district. The Pakora Pass is located on Shani Glacier at an altitude of 4600 meters above sea level. The trek starts from Satrangi Lake in Naltar Valley and ends at Pakora Village. It is a 3-4 days easy to moderate trek. Professional Guides are recommended for the trek and you could easily find one in the valley.

Dainter Pass connects Naltar Valley with Chalt Valley in Nagar District. The pass is located just before shani peak and is at an altitude of 4400 meters. The pass ends at the Dainter Village in Chalt Valley, hence named after it. Professional Guides are recommended for this trek.

Naltar Valley in winters
Credits: Muhammad Shuaib

Chatorkhand Pass connects Naltar Valley with Chatorkhand village in the Ghizer District. The pass is located at an altitude of 4500 meters. Professional Guide is recommended.

There are a number of smaller One or Two days treks in the valley, including Naltar Peak Trek, Pallo Trek, Achhran Trek, Lower Shani Trek etc.

There are seven lakes in the valley. Three lakes are accessible via jeep track while remaining four can be accessed on foot. Satrangi Lake or Seven Colored lake is the most famous of all and is definitely the jewel on the crown.

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