Skiing in Pakistan: An Insight into Winter Sports

Skiing is one of the emerging sports and recreational activities in Pakistan. The history of Skiing in Pakistan dates back to the early 1960s when Pakistan Air Force selected Naltar as the Winter Survival School. In the early 1990s, Pakistan Ski Federation was initiated. Pakistan Ski Federation is later renamed as Winter Sports Federation of Pakistan and is the governing body for all such activities. Winter Sports Federation is affiliated with International Ski Federation(FIS) and Asian Ski Federation(ASF). Federation hosts the National & International Ski Championships every year.

Pakistan has three purpose-built Ski Resorts which hosts a number of winter sports activities. The winter sports held in different facilities include Skiing, Ice Skating, Ice Hockey & Snow Boarding. Winter Sports Federation operates these facilities for winter sports.

  • Shah Khan Ski Resort at Naltar Valley
  • Mallam Jabba Ski Resort, Swat
  • Rattu Ski Resort, Astore

Naltar is a scenic village in the Gilgit district. The village can accessed via Karakoram Highway or N-35 via Nomal, which is at a distance of 40 KM from Gilgit city. Gilgit Airport serves the facility. Daily flights from Islamabad connects Gilgit. Shah Khan Ski Resort at Naltar Valley is the highest, largest and oldest Skiing Facility in Pakistan. The facility was started back in 1965 and is operational currently. The facility offers the Chair lift and ski lift to the players. The average altitude of the slope is around 3200 meters and the slope is 1KM in length. Chairlift installed at the facility is the largest and highest in the country. The resort offers Nordic as well as Alpine Ski Slopes. An International Ski Championship is held every year at this facility.

Mallam Jabba is a scenic village in the Swat district of KPK province. It is at a drive of 4-6 hours from Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan. The resort is most famous out of these three facilities due to easy access. The Ski Slope at the Mallam Jabba Ski Resort is at an average altitude of 2800 meters and is only 650 meters long. It also has a chair lift and ski lift installed. A number of hotels are operational in the nearby areas.

Rattu is a village in Astore district and can be accessed via Karakoram Highway or N-35 at Thailchi. The Rattu Ski Resort offers a slope of 800 meters length and has Nordic as well as Alpine Ski Slopes.

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