Take my breath away | Road trippin’ in Pakistan

Road Trip across Karakoram Highway is always mesmerizing. For the first-timers, it is always a dream come true. For regulars, it is a new world after every turn. You would experience a different color after turning nearly every corner on this epic road. For adventurous minds, it is one hell of an experience and listening to good music is one way of enjoying the road trip here. I had traveled the far and length of Karakoram highway many a time, on the bike, personal car, passenger busses, I had experienced everything you’d imagine. I still love to drive up the highway in my personal car, listening to some of my favorite songs and singing along the vocalist. O God, it is the best feeling in the world

Watching every motion
in my foolish lover’s game
On this endless ocean
Finally, lovers know no shame

Starting the journey from Gilgit up to the Pak-China Border crossing at Khunjerab, which is the world’s highest border crossing, and listening to this beautiful song by Berlin, O Good Lord, it’s heaven. Although released in 1986, well before my birth, it is one of my most favorites. The lyrics, vocals, composition and story, everything is just beyond words.

Turning and returning
To some secret place inside
Watching in slow motion
As you turn around and say

Pak-China Border Crossing at Khunjerab

Listening to this song on repeat and driving up the majestic Karakorams is an experience of a lifetime. Karakorams are there since ever but the road was opened for traffic only in 1978. Thousands of men laid their lives in the construction of this modern world wonder. The road connects Pakistan and China and is built along the ancient Silk Route. Once a secret place inside the mountains and now offering adventure to the enthusiasts from around the world, Karakoram Highway is not a road connecting two nations, it is an experience, ecstasy and an insight into the culture of the mountain people of this end of the world.

Take my breath away
Take my breath away

As the song goes on, so is the adventure on this epic highway. The first major attraction on this road would be the junction point of tectonic plates. Eurasian Tectonic Plates collide at this point. This area is always a playground for the enthusiasts and the gemstone collector alike. The area where the tectonic plates collide is famous for having some of the most precious gemstones. Jade Stone is particularly found in these areas around the globe. It literally takes the breath away, isn’t it?

Watching I keep waiting
Still anticipating love
Never hesitating to become the fated ones

Hussaini Hanging Bridge and the Passu Cathedrals

The next major attraction would be the Rakaposhi and its viewpoint. Rakaposhi is Pakistan’s ninth-highest and the world’s Twenty Seventh highest peak. At an altitude of 7,788 meters above sea level in the Nagar district, the peak is a rare beauty. Only the fated ones decide to climb a beast like this. First climbed in 1978 and is rarely attempted afterward, due to the difficulty of climbing. If you want to check out this beauty from basecamp, the easiest way would be from Minapin Valley. We would recommend you do the trek in two days and spending the night at Hapakun.

Turning and returning
To some secret place to hide
Watching in slow motion
As you turn to me and say

Take my breath away

The next major tourist attraction on the highway would be the Heidikish Rock Carvings near Ahmedabad. The rock carvings are believed to be as old as 1000 years and produced over time mostly by merchants passing through the Silk Route. The carvings depict stories about the rulers, merchants and their caravans over the route. Moving on, you would come across a deadly beauty, the might Attabad Lake. The lake was created after a massive avalanche hit the Indus river just after Attabad villages. The avalanche resulted in the demolition of two complete villages and the creation of Pakistan’s largest lake. The Attabad Lake is around 27 KM in length and is famous for the turquoise water during the summers and frozen lake during winters. The lake is a paradise for thrill-seekers as it has a lot to offer during every time of the year. Jet Skiing during summers over vast waters is an experience you would always cherish while walking past a frozen lake would take into the magical world of Narnia.

The Passu Cathdral

Through the hourglass, I saw you
In time you slipped away
When the mirror crashed I called you
And turned to hear you say
If only for today
I am unafraid

Passu Cathedrals or the Passu Cones are the next attraction on Karakoram Highway. You would start seeing them after you leave the Attabad Lake. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, one of the world’s most dangerous bridges is also an adventure to take. Although it is dangerous to cross at the time it’s always worth it. Batura Glacier is the world’s fifth-largest glacier outside the polar region is an amazing site to explore.

Take my breath away
Take my breath away

Didn’t it already take your breath away, so far? The last but not the least attraction on this highway is the Pak-China Border crossing at Khunjerab. Here are a few interesting facts about the area:

  • Khunjerab Border Crossing is the World’s highest border.
  • The road is the World’s highest paved road
  • Their exists the World’s highest ATM at the border crossing
  • The world’s Second highest permanent settlement is also nearby.
  • Snow Leopard or Panthera Uncia is also an existent species found in the area.
  • Markhor or Capra Falconeri one of the most existent animals exist in large numbers in the Khunjerab National Park.

For more attractions on Karakoram Highway or N-35, kindly check out our other blog posts. Please feel free to ask any queries related to your traveling anywhere in Pakistan.

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